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Friday, November 03, 2006

i am soo sorry for being so slow these last few weeks. i am just so busy playing with all my new toys and that by the time it comes to sitting down my mom gets me into bed! so here we go. boots is my dog and i don;t think you saw him so here he is

coco lives next door with mamo and grandad and sleeps in the bed with uncle tom here she is she is 5 boots is 3

chopper lives with uncle colum and aunty tara but i can;t find any snaps right now when i go home i'll sort that out.

i'm not doing too much today just hangin' with mamo, mom is in work. i fell on my head last night off the couch and i really had to cry for about 35 minutes non stop but im ok now and my dada and mom were very worried so i just thought id make them feel worse by crying longer even though i think i could have stopped after 20 minutes. i dont think i learned my lesson cos i might do it again so mom and dada watch me!!


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