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Friday, November 10, 2006

hello eveRyone i had the beSt time at the mother and toddler we meT a gRANNy on our way tO it wherE shE was goinG toO and she said to my mom noT to worry if i waS a biT clingY for the first day buT when we goT intO the rooM and i saw all the other children and toys i couLdn't get ouT of my buggY fast enOugh nOw a feW timeS my mom camE over to mE buT when i spoTted her approaching i ran off the oTher waY - nO one was goinG to spoiL my fuN. when it was all over we all stood in a Circle and sanG about 6 or 7 songs and my mom had to do alL the acTions - i didn;t cos i'M only 1 and didnT know them but my mom saYs nexT weeK she wants me to so i'lL just see how i feeL.

i wenT to bed when we came homE and i slePt for abOut three and a hAlf hourS so moM was verY happY becausE she goT all oF heR ironing donE

mY dada started a neW job yesterday so i miss him. in thE last joB he did a loT of worK froM hiS officE at homE buT he wenT aT abouT halF seveN and does;t geT back until aftEr 6

i am goinG to droghedA tomorrow to visit my aunty niaMh who is a nuN or a traininG nun but before we gO it is dadas birthDay sO wE are goinG to have ouR lunCh oN thE waY

thats it


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