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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

gooD morninG anothEr feW days flew by and i nEver put in a poSt. sinCe mY last poSt i felL down a feW stePs on thE stairS - i didn't hurt myselF aT alL because my mamo caught mE buT she haS the biggest bruise on her leg bigger than any i have seen befoRe
i was oveR in balbriGgan again on saTurdAy with my mom visiting lorraine her mam briget, jack and saM so i haD greaT fun playinG and tomorrOw my mom and mE are goinG to the mothEr and toddleR group tHis will be my first tIme so i am a littlE bit worried buT my mom said we will haVe grEat fun iN a way ithinK shE is a biT nervous too so at leaSt wE wilL havE each otHer and i wilL minD heR if none of thE othEr mammies plaY witH heR

i wilL let you all know how i get on......


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