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Monday, November 20, 2006

back again i was siCk last week and then i was in rathDowney for the weekenD so i had a greT time. therE is a cAt down there and i had greAt fun chasinG her all ovEr the place. my mom hates cats buT i likE casper.

we are goinG skiing in januAry witH Ian dempsey and the today fM breakfasT shoW and lidl were sellIng alL thE ski gear and my mom saiD it waS like a batle zone to geT anything so she didn't geT muCh buT just a feW bitS and pieces - she bouGht lonG johns! whatevEr thEy are

Friday, November 10, 2006

hello eveRyone i had the beSt time at the mother and toddler we meT a gRANNy on our way tO it wherE shE was goinG toO and she said to my mom noT to worry if i waS a biT clingY for the first day buT when we goT intO the rooM and i saw all the other children and toys i couLdn't get ouT of my buggY fast enOugh nOw a feW timeS my mom camE over to mE buT when i spoTted her approaching i ran off the oTher waY - nO one was goinG to spoiL my fuN. when it was all over we all stood in a Circle and sanG about 6 or 7 songs and my mom had to do alL the acTions - i didn;t cos i'M only 1 and didnT know them but my mom saYs nexT weeK she wants me to so i'lL just see how i feeL.

i wenT to bed when we came homE and i slePt for abOut three and a hAlf hourS so moM was verY happY becausE she goT all oF heR ironing donE

mY dada started a neW job yesterday so i miss him. in thE last joB he did a loT of worK froM hiS officE at homE buT he wenT aT abouT halF seveN and does;t geT back until aftEr 6

i am goinG to droghedA tomorrow to visit my aunty niaMh who is a nuN or a traininG nun but before we gO it is dadas birthDay sO wE are goinG to have ouR lunCh oN thE waY

thats it

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

gooD morninG anothEr feW days flew by and i nEver put in a poSt. sinCe mY last poSt i felL down a feW stePs on thE stairS - i didn't hurt myselF aT alL because my mamo caught mE buT she haS the biggest bruise on her leg bigger than any i have seen befoRe
i was oveR in balbriGgan again on saTurdAy with my mom visiting lorraine her mam briget, jack and saM so i haD greaT fun playinG and tomorrOw my mom and mE are goinG to the mothEr and toddleR group tHis will be my first tIme so i am a littlE bit worried buT my mom said we will haVe grEat fun iN a way ithinK shE is a biT nervous too so at leaSt wE wilL havE each otHer and i wilL minD heR if none of thE othEr mammies plaY witH heR

i wilL let you all know how i get on......

Friday, November 03, 2006

i am soo sorry for being so slow these last few weeks. i am just so busy playing with all my new toys and that by the time it comes to sitting down my mom gets me into bed! so here we go. boots is my dog and i don;t think you saw him so here he is

coco lives next door with mamo and grandad and sleeps in the bed with uncle tom here she is she is 5 boots is 3

chopper lives with uncle colum and aunty tara but i can;t find any snaps right now when i go home i'll sort that out.

i'm not doing too much today just hangin' with mamo, mom is in work. i fell on my head last night off the couch and i really had to cry for about 35 minutes non stop but im ok now and my dada and mom were very worried so i just thought id make them feel worse by crying longer even though i think i could have stopped after 20 minutes. i dont think i learned my lesson cos i might do it again so mom and dada watch me!!