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Sunday, October 08, 2006

wElcoMe 2 my blOg....


my name is
BroWne and this is my first ever blOg and I am exACtly one yeaR old next SatUrday and I am hAving a biG paRty with all of my friends and I have a doG his name is Boots and he is big.

mY mammy's name is Ciara and my daddy's name is Colm. Ciara's from Dublin and Daddy's from Laois and all of Daddy's family are from Laois and every year when Laois play in the All Ireland Championship all of Daddy's friends and his family come to Dublin. I support Dublin because that's where I come from, even though my Daddy bought me a Laois jersey, I only wear it to keep him happy, because he's my Daddy, and duBlin are the bestset team iN the worlD. We all live in a big house in Beaumont in Dublin right beside all of my mammy's family. My grandad and my granny live right next door to us with my Godfather my mammy's brother Tom he's a bit old to be still living at home but he told me that it's the only way he can afford his cigarettes and he doesn't want to move too far away from the pub HA HA and on the other side of our house my mammy's other brother lives with his wife His name is Colum but everyone calls him Cully and his wife Tara is preGnant so I will have someone to play with.

i can walk now and last week my mammy bought me my first pair of shoes. I cAn't put theM on mysElf, they are very complicated but they are very comfORTable and the nice lady in the shop took my photOgraph in my shoes and I was very exciteD I am learning a lot every day noW yesterday i was at a wedding in cork My Daddy's friend gOt maRRied it was lots of fun and i was interested becAUse i missed mammy and daddy getting married because i wasn't born mY favourite song is crazy by gnarls barkley. I like his name because he sounds like a dog, we have three dogs my mammy's dog boots, my granny's dog coco and my uncle Cully's dog chopper

i am really tiRed and it's past my bedTIme and i am tired and i want to go to bed.

i am going to try to pOst a message about something tHAt happens in my life eveRy day and i hope you will eNjoy it and i'll post loads of photOGRaphs and hopEfully make some friends

i am posting my photograph and my favOurite music videO by gnarls bArkley for my first post and i hope you will all enjoy it

thank you



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