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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

i'm sOrry i didn't post yesterDay but i am very bUSy and yesterdaY i had to take care of my granny while my mAmmy was at work And that's a lot Of work foR me to do because I have to keep smiling aNd when i smile evEryonE laughs and plays and rEads and throwS the ball for coco and pLAys hide and seek with Cully's dog chOPpeR with me It's so much fun that it makes me tired sometIMEs and then i sleep and tHen when i wake up i try to smile all the time becAUse i don't like not smiling iT's not as much fun and because when i sMile everyone elsE smiles it makes me haPPy too

sOmetimes though it's hard to smilE like when i pick up sOMethiNg new and When you're my age nEArly everyThinG you see is neW like fridge magnetS Fridge magnEts are a lot of fUn but when i discovered them it was VERY COnfusing YOu see when you put the backs of them toGetheR some of them can't touch eacH otHer no matter how hard you tRy to force them My daddy's friend deRmot explained that it's becauSE of the laws of Magnetism I know it sounds very compLICated but it's not reallY you just have to think about it but MAGnetism is an attRaction or Repulsion between variouS substanceS, especially those made of iron and certain other Metals; ultimatelY it is dUe to the motion of elECtric chargeS still what i like about magnets bEst is that when you SPIN them on the gate at the back door that keeps me INSIdE they spiral down to the bottom it's REally fun and it makES me laugh a lot

anyway TOday my daddy put an undercOat on the kitchen wallS i like the kitCHen that's where i eat my brekkys and dinners and it's where my MUSic tablE is i can hit any buttOn on the table and it genERates music and it's a lOt of fun and i thiINk everyOne else likes it toO because i hear them humming the TUnes all of the time but the bESt part is is that i love to dance i live to Dance and i like clapping songs best of all because i can dance and clap at the SAme time

anyway i'm tired again so i'll say gOOdnight and please watch these mUsical videos from the junGLE book you might nOTice something a bit strAnge about them YEAH they're in frencH and that's because the first bOOk i ever got is called A la maison et il est une liVre pour les enfants avec dessins and i lOve it je m'excuse je l'aime! BOn nuit mes amis

mammy will help me post tomorrow so look out and dance with the tunes i'M toO little to understand the mOvie and My maMMy bought it fOr me On tape so I know the sOngs


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