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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I haVe just put a photo of me n'mom on - dada likes to be in aLl the photos so there are nOt too mAny of mY mom but here is oNe. i was at hOme all daYtodaY with mY mom because she doesn't work on a weDnesdaY or thurSday so wE were very busy getting thE plAce ready foR mY biG parTy. i am going to be 1 on sUnday buT we arE getTing a bouncY castle on saTurday and there will be aBouT 20 otheR children cominG. thEn latEr oN wheN alL the cLeaning was finisheD grandad mom and mE weNt to aIrSide wherE my moM goT me mY prEseNt. it is a sort of biKe yoU caN pUsh wiTh no peDals buT the horN doesn't worK so we thinK we wilL gEt one thaT does.

goodniGht - very tired noW. wHen i gEt my bikE fixEd i wiLL shOw you a photO


  • At 3:10 PM, Blogger galvinator said…

    brilliant ... my birthday's comin up too i wouldn't mind an ol' bike with a horn either..........hint hint


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