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Friday, October 20, 2006

i have bEen very busy over the lasT 2 dayS. My mom and i wenT all the waY to Balbriggan yesTerday to visit my mOms frienD lOrraine and my friEnd sAm. mY mom thinKs i wiLl maRry hiM - i was borN 8 weEks aftEr hiM anD mY mom anD hiS mom work togetHer so wE werE alL ofF togEther. hE waS aT my partY toO. mY frienD jenNifer wasn'T aT the partY because she was sicK. She is mucH bettEr noW anD she is 7 and a half weeKs older thAn me - i thiNk i Might visiT heR over the weekenD.

mY maMo and granDad wenT to weStport todaY for the weEKend i jusT hopE theY brinG me bacK a present. mY cousiN UrsuLa haD a babY boY called miChael - i migHt visiT hiM ovEr thE comiNg weekS.

I have no newS anY more - oH yeaH i was in the kitchen thiS moRning anD a biRd fleW in. we had greAt fUn chasIng hiM arounD the room untiL dada thOught he was gEtting upSet so he goT hiM ouT.

talK soOn


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