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Sunday, October 29, 2006

it's beEn a long time since my lAst updaTe but we're stiLL only recoVerINg from the parTY last wEek It was a reAl mAd daY altogeTHer and i was soOoO tirEd after it I slept fOR aGes bUT i wake up earLy every moRNing to kEEp my mamMy on her toeS She's BRILLiant and i tHInk mammy should have beeN a sinGer she's better than aLL those peOPle on x fACTor and she singS all the time ALL my favoRITes anyway and whEN she sings the whEELs on the bUS she reminds me of jOHNny caSH but mammy doeSN't smoke like joHNNy cASh does UNCle tom trIEs hard though he's aLWAys got a caNCEr stick hanging out of HIS mouth MAMO, my granny and HIs mother, doeSN't think too much of his smOKINg but he dOEs it anyway

DADDy won golfer of the year in donABAte iT was the last day of competITIONs on saturdays and the POInts and all of the CArds are in and they've all been counted and daddy was the best so there you go and tonIGht he's coLLecting the Uden cup troPHY in the golf club because he was on the wining team donabate beat malahide i think it was in the fINAl and daddy was part of the team yeYYYYYU

uncle tom AND CULLY and aunty tARa are going to visit aunty nIAMH today aunty niamh is a nun bUT not in A funny way like father ted the priest she's a real nun and i think everyone miSSEs her but and evERyone reALISes now that she is very happy to be being a nun so we won't complain anyway it's all the way to dROGHeda and i told Mammy that at the end of the dAY it's really not that far away so now mAMMy feels better because i explAINed it to hEr

i haVE no photos today because uncle tOM is too busy to download some attachments and POSt them he's a lazy so and SO ha HA HE changed his mind here's one of mammy and me at a weDDIng we were at a couple of wEEks ago it was loadsA fun and i leaRNed how to dANce better bye bYE for now i'll updATe again soOn


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