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Sunday, October 29, 2006

it's beEn a long time since my lAst updaTe but we're stiLL only recoVerINg from the parTY last wEek It was a reAl mAd daY altogeTHer and i was soOoO tirEd after it I slept fOR aGes bUT i wake up earLy every moRNing to kEEp my mamMy on her toeS She's BRILLiant and i tHInk mammy should have beeN a sinGer she's better than aLL those peOPle on x fACTor and she singS all the time ALL my favoRITes anyway and whEN she sings the whEELs on the bUS she reminds me of jOHNny caSH but mammy doeSN't smoke like joHNNy cASh does UNCle tom trIEs hard though he's aLWAys got a caNCEr stick hanging out of HIS mouth MAMO, my granny and HIs mother, doeSN't think too much of his smOKINg but he dOEs it anyway

DADDy won golfer of the year in donABAte iT was the last day of competITIONs on saturdays and the POInts and all of the CArds are in and they've all been counted and daddy was the best so there you go and tonIGht he's coLLecting the Uden cup troPHY in the golf club because he was on the wining team donabate beat malahide i think it was in the fINAl and daddy was part of the team yeYYYYYU

uncle tom AND CULLY and aunty tARa are going to visit aunty nIAMH today aunty niamh is a nun bUT not in A funny way like father ted the priest she's a real nun and i think everyone miSSEs her but and evERyone reALISes now that she is very happy to be being a nun so we won't complain anyway it's all the way to dROGHeda and i told Mammy that at the end of the dAY it's really not that far away so now mAMMy feels better because i explAINed it to hEr

i haVE no photos today because uncle tOM is too busy to download some attachments and POSt them he's a lazy so and SO ha HA HE changed his mind here's one of mammy and me at a weDDIng we were at a couple of wEEks ago it was loadsA fun and i leaRNed how to dANce better bye bYE for now i'll updATe again soOn

Friday, October 20, 2006

i have bEen very busy over the lasT 2 dayS. My mom and i wenT all the waY to Balbriggan yesTerday to visit my mOms frienD lOrraine and my friEnd sAm. mY mom thinKs i wiLl maRry hiM - i was borN 8 weEks aftEr hiM anD mY mom anD hiS mom work togetHer so wE werE alL ofF togEther. hE waS aT my partY toO. mY frienD jenNifer wasn'T aT the partY because she was sicK. She is mucH bettEr noW anD she is 7 and a half weeKs older thAn me - i thiNk i Might visiT heR over the weekenD.

mY maMo and granDad wenT to weStport todaY for the weEKend i jusT hopE theY brinG me bacK a present. mY cousiN UrsuLa haD a babY boY called miChael - i migHt visiT hiM ovEr thE comiNg weekS.

I have no newS anY more - oH yeaH i was in the kitchen thiS moRning anD a biRd fleW in. we had greAt fUn chasIng hiM arounD the room untiL dada thOught he was gEtting upSet so he goT hiM ouT.

talK soOn

Monday, October 16, 2006

havIng an earlY nighT tonight for a change alL weekend i didn;t sleep mad mad mad. so mamos friend called over her namE is Eilis anD that waS about iT so aLL quiet on thE homE fronT mom is wORking again tomoRrow and then ofF agaiN on wEdnesday so shE is wrecKed anD looKinG forwaRd to the couPle ofDays ofF. oH by the way I can now go uP anD down a step not the stairS buT juSt a step into a room wiThouT getTinG on thE grouNd - nO hands


i am rEally strUgglinG toDay wiTh my snaPs soRry for aLl the meSs buT whaT do you expect i'm only 1

here i aM blowIng ouT thE caNdelS wiTh mom mamO and Meave moms cousin whO helPed ouT and organIsed all tHe otHer kIds

the movie is mE wiTh mAeve on The bounCy castle beFore theY tooKnit aWay tHe partY was alL over thEn
here i aM blowIng ouT thE caNdelS wiTh mom mamO and Meave moms cousin whO helPed ouT and organIsed all tHe otHer kIds

the movie is mE wiTh mAeve on The bounCy castle beFore theY tooKnit aWay tHe partY was alL over thEn
here are a few snaps of the pRty the boUncY casTle was Just grEat afTer canT wait for nexT yeaR onLy mom ' dada said theY thiNk theY've doNe theiR biT and will wait tiLL i go to skool buT thats ages awaY

the pArty wenT grEat. the wEather waS fantastiC and Mom 'n DadA werE so hapPy. therE was about 20 chIldren. you can see a piCture of me brand neW bikE - witH the neW horN workiNg perfEctlY. I wilL add on a fEw snaps of the party too

Friday, October 13, 2006

tHEreSe's blOg

Party preparations undEr waY only mom is wOrkiNg toDay so thinGs havE come to a standsTill. Bouncing casTle comIng at halF eighT am so i'lL be wRecked beFore the partY starTs. bIke goiNg welL horN stiLl worKing fine. i wondEr if unCle toM will chanGe hiS mind abouT the face paintinG?????

Thursday, October 12, 2006

daDa was very cross wHen hE heard thaT i diDnt puT a picTure of hIm on so here you go. nOthinG too muCh to report. i got mY biKe fixEd and the horn is workIng now. eveRything is on track for mY partY just 1 cancellatiOn from mY friend but itS ok i dont know her thAt welL well goodnight and seE yoU on Saturday wiTh a Few snaPs of my pArty

donT worrY uncle T i wonT forgeT your birThday iF i do welL out of yoU foR miNe onlY joKinG

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I haVe just put a photo of me n'mom on - dada likes to be in aLl the photos so there are nOt too mAny of mY mom but here is oNe. i was at hOme all daYtodaY with mY mom because she doesn't work on a weDnesdaY or thurSday so wE were very busy getting thE plAce ready foR mY biG parTy. i am going to be 1 on sUnday buT we arE getTing a bouncY castle on saTurday and there will be aBouT 20 otheR children cominG. thEn latEr oN wheN alL the cLeaning was finisheD grandad mom and mE weNt to aIrSide wherE my moM goT me mY prEseNt. it is a sort of biKe yoU caN pUsh wiTh no peDals buT the horN doesn't worK so we thinK we wilL gEt one thaT does.

goodniGht - very tired noW. wHen i gEt my bikE fixEd i wiLL shOw you a photO

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

i'm sOrry i didn't post yesterDay but i am very bUSy and yesterdaY i had to take care of my granny while my mAmmy was at work And that's a lot Of work foR me to do because I have to keep smiling aNd when i smile evEryonE laughs and plays and rEads and throwS the ball for coco and pLAys hide and seek with Cully's dog chOPpeR with me It's so much fun that it makes me tired sometIMEs and then i sleep and tHen when i wake up i try to smile all the time becAUse i don't like not smiling iT's not as much fun and because when i sMile everyone elsE smiles it makes me haPPy too

sOmetimes though it's hard to smilE like when i pick up sOMethiNg new and When you're my age nEArly everyThinG you see is neW like fridge magnetS Fridge magnEts are a lot of fUn but when i discovered them it was VERY COnfusing YOu see when you put the backs of them toGetheR some of them can't touch eacH otHer no matter how hard you tRy to force them My daddy's friend deRmot explained that it's becauSE of the laws of Magnetism I know it sounds very compLICated but it's not reallY you just have to think about it but MAGnetism is an attRaction or Repulsion between variouS substanceS, especially those made of iron and certain other Metals; ultimatelY it is dUe to the motion of elECtric chargeS still what i like about magnets bEst is that when you SPIN them on the gate at the back door that keeps me INSIdE they spiral down to the bottom it's REally fun and it makES me laugh a lot

anyway TOday my daddy put an undercOat on the kitchen wallS i like the kitCHen that's where i eat my brekkys and dinners and it's where my MUSic tablE is i can hit any buttOn on the table and it genERates music and it's a lOt of fun and i thiINk everyOne else likes it toO because i hear them humming the TUnes all of the time but the bESt part is is that i love to dance i live to Dance and i like clapping songs best of all because i can dance and clap at the SAme time

anyway i'm tired again so i'll say gOOdnight and please watch these mUsical videos from the junGLE book you might nOTice something a bit strAnge about them YEAH they're in frencH and that's because the first bOOk i ever got is called A la maison et il est une liVre pour les enfants avec dessins and i lOve it je m'excuse je l'aime! BOn nuit mes amis

mammy will help me post tomorrow so look out and dance with the tunes i'M toO little to understand the mOvie and My maMMy bought it fOr me On tape so I know the sOngs

Sunday, October 08, 2006

wElcoMe 2 my blOg....


my name is
BroWne and this is my first ever blOg and I am exACtly one yeaR old next SatUrday and I am hAving a biG paRty with all of my friends and I have a doG his name is Boots and he is big.

mY mammy's name is Ciara and my daddy's name is Colm. Ciara's from Dublin and Daddy's from Laois and all of Daddy's family are from Laois and every year when Laois play in the All Ireland Championship all of Daddy's friends and his family come to Dublin. I support Dublin because that's where I come from, even though my Daddy bought me a Laois jersey, I only wear it to keep him happy, because he's my Daddy, and duBlin are the bestset team iN the worlD. We all live in a big house in Beaumont in Dublin right beside all of my mammy's family. My grandad and my granny live right next door to us with my Godfather my mammy's brother Tom he's a bit old to be still living at home but he told me that it's the only way he can afford his cigarettes and he doesn't want to move too far away from the pub HA HA and on the other side of our house my mammy's other brother lives with his wife His name is Colum but everyone calls him Cully and his wife Tara is preGnant so I will have someone to play with.

i can walk now and last week my mammy bought me my first pair of shoes. I cAn't put theM on mysElf, they are very complicated but they are very comfORTable and the nice lady in the shop took my photOgraph in my shoes and I was very exciteD I am learning a lot every day noW yesterday i was at a wedding in cork My Daddy's friend gOt maRRied it was lots of fun and i was interested becAUse i missed mammy and daddy getting married because i wasn't born mY favourite song is crazy by gnarls barkley. I like his name because he sounds like a dog, we have three dogs my mammy's dog boots, my granny's dog coco and my uncle Cully's dog chopper

i am really tiRed and it's past my bedTIme and i am tired and i want to go to bed.

i am going to try to pOst a message about something tHAt happens in my life eveRy day and i hope you will eNjoy it and i'll post loads of photOGRaphs and hopEfully make some friends

i am posting my photograph and my favOurite music videO by gnarls bArkley for my first post and i hope you will all enjoy it

thank you